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Advanced Creative Marketing

Advanced Creative   •   July 16, 2018

The following are insights from years of immersion in digital design within professional environments and private. Studying user experience and creating interactive landing pages, providing concept development and production for online site promotions and events, social and media channeling and email campaigns. Using all facets of digital marketing including: writing content for website development that enriches organic search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) also a part of search engine marketing (SEM) and website development that utilizes knowledge of user experience (UX) design.

Keep It Simple

Even though creating urgency to purchase is the main objective, delivering rich content that shows knowledge and appreciation for customer consideration is key. Building loyal customers and providing them with a reason to look to you for product, service or knowledge increases your loyalty, conversion and retention rates.

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Not only is a well thought out and executed website important, it is just one aspect for success. All aspects of marketing have changed in the last 5 years. Focusing on SEO (search engine optimization) when writing content for your website to include organic search terms people use to find what you offer is most important. Providing rich content that presents your service or product whether it’s knowledge, quality or competence is essential. Throughout the life of your brand, developing and delivering informative product and service information establishes trust and builds loyalty. Organic results are determined by a combination of URL chosen, content, tags, links, etc.; and paid results are just that: paid for.

SEM (search engine marketing), online paid advertising, is imperative to reach new customers and is based on purchasing keywords associated with your customer’s search terms and delivered to desired geographical targeted audience. Things to consider are where you ship to and who is likely to purchase your product or service. Basically, your customer profile. This approach uses PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. The aforementioned lead to decisions that dictate where purchased ads are displayed on main search engines. This effectively, when well executed, brings your product or service to the forefront of new potential customers. Paid advertising is also available at YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.